Happy 2015!

I love this time of year—something about being able to start anew and the excitement of what lies ahead. It’s also a good time to reflect on the year that passed, appreciate ourselves as parents, and put our attention towards the things we want to change or work on in 2015.

So I invite you to take a moment and reflect on what went well in your family over the last year. And then make a plan to connect with your children on a weekly basis. I’ve created a document that can help you do just that, Appreciating the Past, Planning for the New Year Jan 2015

Carve out a little time for yourself one evening or weekend, pour a cup of your favorite beverage, and settle in to reflect on your intentions for the new year.   Or fill it out over several days. Writing it down and revisiting and refining it every week or every month can help you put intentions into action and can help you nurture your relationship with your children in a big way.

And if you need an in-person class to jump-start the new year, I’m offering 50% off the Parenting by Connection Starter Class for the first three people who sign up! You have one week from today to grab this offer. Email me for more information or sign up here.

Looking forward to connecting!