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Meet Julie

I launched Parent Child Connection in 2012 to help parents who have little ones or preteens.  We want the world for our children, but often parenting leaves us worried, stressed, and unsure of how to handle their challenging behaviors.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I work with parents around the globe who are looking for a way out of the overwhelm and worry.  I teach Parenting by Connection—an approach developed by Hand in Hand Parenting that helps parents alleviate some of their toughest challenges.

I came to this work having been in the field of education for almost 20 years as a teacher, trainer, and researcher. I have a master’s degree in education and have worked with children from preschool to high school as a conflict resolution trainer, classroom teacher, group facilitator, and researcher in New York City, Boston, and the Bay Area.

When my son was born eleven years ago and my stepdaughter was five at the time, Parenting by Connection taught me how to navigate the new relationships in our blended family and gave me the strategies and support to understand how to connect with my children during happy times and in difficult moments.

Working with parents over the last ten years I’ve seen families transform. I’ve seen aggressive children become calm, compassionate, and more loving with their parents. And working together, I’ve helped parents feel more confident, less reactive, and more happy and relaxed.

That’s because Parenting by Connection is an attachment-based, trauma-informed parenting program that offers parents a set of concrete tools to foster strong connections with their children while managing high emotions and handling challenging behaviors.

I have helped parents feel less stressed and triggered by their children and have given them the tools they need to set limits effectively without losing it.  With Parenting by Connection, parents are able to help their children work through deep fears, eliminate aggressive behaviors, sleep better, and become more compassionate, self-assured, and resilient.

The myth that a parent ought to be able to handle this enormous job alone creates big challenges that often parents feel ashamed to talk about, increasing their sense of isolation and overwhelm.  So don’t let the stress of parenting get the best of you.

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