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Some days are tough. When fights and tantrums become the daily routine, I help parents develop the exact strategies they need so their children can be more cooperative and kind.

Imagine relaxing and actually enjoying being with your kids.

Together we can make parenting the best part of your life.

My Services

Individual Coaching

A 10 week individual/couples coaching package that includes one on one sessions, videos,
and reading.

Group Programs

A six-week class where you’ll get the tools you need to help your child be more cooperative and less whiny and aggressive.

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The Calm and Confident Mom: Positive Parenting with Challenging Children. This group is for moms with children 2-12 who need support and strategies to handle their child’s most challenging behaviors. Whether it’s biting, hitting, and tantrums, or surly behavior, defiance, and the silent treatment, this group focuses on the power of positive parenting—why time outs and punishments don’t work, and what does. Not only will you learn the tools it takes to turn your child’s behavior around but also what it takes to reduce your stress and manage your own emotions, so you feel less stressed and more calm.

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