The Calm & Confident Parent Blueprint

The ultimate program to go from stressed out and reactive to calm and confident–so you can become the parent you want to be.

Is it time to change your parenting strategy from the inside out? Calm & resilient parents create calm and resilient kids. But it all starts with YOU!

Do you want the strategies, tools and support to help you stop yelling at your kids and manage their challenging behaviors in a calm, but firm way?

Are you ready to join a community of focused and dedicated parents who are on the same journey?

Parenting is hard! We’re constantly triggered by what our children say and do. 

And when we get triggered, we yell, we say things we regret, and we act like the parent we don’t want to be.  It’s hard to control our emotions at times, let alone our children’s!

You may find that no matter how hard you try, you repeat old patterns. You lose your temper. You shame, you blame, you make threats, or dole out rewards and consequences. 

But none of that works… 

First, you need to know, this isn’t your fault. We’ve all been there:


You hold your child’s wrist too tight because they won’t stop throwing.


You’re as patient as possible and then *Boom*, you explode.


You yell things you wish you could take back.

Parenting doesn’t have to be this hard

You can be the calm, happy parent you want to be.

Imagine a reality where:


You can diffuse your emotional triggers and manage your anger, so you can respond with patience rather than frustration when your child is uncooperative, aggressive, or having a meltdown.


You know how to repair in the aftermath of an angry moment and restore trust, safety, and communication with your kids. It’s not about never being angry again, it’s about learning how to reduce your emotional triggers, process your anger, and reconnect after an upset.


You can identify your inner barriers and old stories that keep you stuck so you’ll be less reactive and more proactive with your kids.


You’re more empathic and caring towards yourself so that you can be present and support your children when they are hurting (instead of being angry or overwhelmed by their emotions).


You can get support from like-minded parents and feel less isolated.

Introducing The Calm and Confident Parent Blueprint

A program that will help you gain the tools to become a calm and confident parent. You’ll learn to manage your emotional triggers and become more patient and resilient. You’ll also  inspire greater connection with and cooperation with your kids. We provide all of the high touch coaching, accountability, and support you need to make this happen.

What’s so different about The Calm and Confident Parent?

We will focus on You, rather than on your child. Because you can use every tool in the book, but if you’re not changing, neither will your child.

We will focus on giving you  the skills and tools it takes to manage your emotional triggers and diffuse difficult emotions so you can respond and communicate calmly and proactively. 

Most parenting programs focus only on tools and strategies to change the child’s behavior. I offer those tools too, but this program is focused on you.

Because as you shift, your child will begin to respond more positively.

Client Testimonials

When I first started working with Julie, I was dealing with whining, fighting between my two daughters (3 & 7), and losing my temper.  It seemed like chaos was the status quo, and I wasn’t sure how to sustain harmony, a sense of safety, and peace of mind.   I needed a set of tools (or new habits) that were easy to remember and readily applicable.

I now feel more capable to deal with whatever emotions come our way.  My relationship with my girls is calmer, there is considerably less shouting, and I feel so much more positive about myself as a parent.

I appreciate that Julie really saw me.  She shared her own experiences as a parent (which helped me to judge myself less), gave dignity to my parenting issues, and provided real solutions to my problems by inviting me to schedule time for myself, time for each of my daughters, and to use strategies to diffuse situations that could easily spin out of control and leave resentment and anger.

Thank you Julie, for turning my life around in such a positive way!

Kathy Rai

Mother of two

Since our class has ended, I am continuing to unwrap the realizations and tools I learned with you. In short, I am feeling surprisingly confident in the possibility to change our family dynamic, specifically with my older daughter.  I no longer feel like it is impossible to re-do our relationship. 

I am able to separate the person from the behavior, both my behavior and hers from who we both are. Instead of attempting to never “fail” and lose my temper, and instead of expecting her to stop acting “poorly,” my focus has been to accept, really accept and forgive us,  and come back to that core (where trust and love is the reality) as soon as we are able.  And it has worked.  So thank you, this wouldn’t be possible without you and all the support I got from you. 

Itzel Rodriguez Rosales

Mother of two girls, 8 and 4

Here’s what we’ll cover in The Calm & Confident Parent

MODULE ONE:  Design Your Happy Family Roadmap 

Self-awareness and clarity are key to creating a happy, cohesive family. You’ll create the vision of the ideal outcome you would like for yourself and your family as a north star that inspires you to take consistent action to transform you and your family’s happiness.

MODULE TWO:  From Chaos to Cooperation – How to Set Limits and Minimize Tears and Tantrums 

You’ll learn a 3-step system for setting limits in a calm but fair way. You’ll discover several important tools to diffuse conflict and outbursts – including what to say  and do when your child is upset.

MODULE THREE: Heal & Reduce Emotional Triggers – Respond from a Calm and Confident Place

You’ll learn how to identify and process difficult emotions without blaming or shaming yourself. You’ll discover how to use emotions as powerful indicators of what needs attention and expression and how to use them to create deeper levels of connection and growth.

You’ll get tools and strategies for getting to the core root of your emotional triggers, repair old wounds and release stuck emotions so you can heal the past and adopt new emotional response patterns. You feel a powerful shift inside you where the things that once triggered you no longer activate you. You’ll feel calmer and less angry when your child is uncooperative, aggressive, or having a meltdown. You’ll be empowered to communicate more powerfully, set clear boundaries, and have more connection and cooperation from your child.


MODULE 4: How to Diffuse Anger and Anxiety in the Heat of the Moment

You’ll discover how experiences from the past can set off anger and rage when you’re triggered by your children. You’ll discover how to manage your anger in the moment when you’re losing your cool, when your child won’t brush their teeth, or get dressed, or go to bed. You’ll learn how to handle their defiance with clear, calm boundaries and a cool head. Situations that used to rattle you will no longer unravel you.


MODULE 5: Rewrite Your Old Story and Transform Your Relationships

You’ll identify inner barriers–old beliefs, assumptions, and stories– about who you are that drive your behaviors and decisions. You’ll identify old patterns that keep you stuck in old stories. You’ll create a new story that leads to empowerment, connection and growth for you and your child.


MODULE 6: From Isolation to Connection – Creating Community Outside of Our Families

Even though some of us have supportive friends and family members, often we still feel alone.  It’s difficult to parent well in isolation. 

You’ll identify your needs and desires for community and practice asking for support from others. You’ll discover the power of the listening partnership to reduce the stress of parenting and stay strong in challenging times. 


Here is what is included in the The Calm & Confident Parent Blueprint


One 90-minute jumpstart Bonus Deep Dive Training on The Taming Tantrums Toolkit and the Prevention Through Play Formula so that you have strategies to use right away to reduce your child’s meltdowns and increase cooperation and connection.


6 weekly Zoom training and group coaching calls starting the first week of May, 2023.


Handouts to help you transform your emotional triggers, track your progress, and celebrate wins so you can build on the success.


Action steps that help you implement the strategies you’ll learn and create massive shifts in your parenting and emotional well being.

Bonus: Script Bundle ($297)

  • The Tame Your Child’s Tantrums Script: Powerful one-liners that will help you manage a meltdown.
  • The Sibling Struggles Script: What to say when kids are in the middle of a conflict so you don’t add fuel to the fire.
  • The Repair and Reconnect Script: How to make amends with your child after you’ve lost control so you can repair and reconnect with your child after a setback.
  • The Anger and Aggression Script: What to say when your child hits, kicks, or comes undone.
  • Mantras to remind yourself that you’re a good parent.

Six months from now you could either be stuck in the same place feeling angry, reactive, or annoyed with your kids, or you could have the strategies, tools, and support you need for a calmer, closer, and more connected relationship with your child.

The ball is in your court. You can choose to release stuck emotions, heal old patterns, and transform how you feel and respond as a parent, which will positively impact your child’s behavior, or you can stay in the same place you’ve been for months.

 I’m ready to be a calm and confident parent!

To join us, please choose the best option for you below. There is a one-time payment, or a payment plan split over two months. 

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