The Happiness Package: Individual and Couples Coaching

You want the world for your children, but some days are tough! You’re stumped as to how to handle their challenging behaviors and worried about how they’ll turn out one day. In the Happiness Package, you’ll get just the right tools to turn your child’s behavior around and develop the confidence you need to make parenting more enjoyable and less stressful.

  • checkWhat if you felt more confident in your parenting style and decision making?
  • checkWhat if you had just the right tips, tools and strategies to minimize meltdowns and unsavory behavior?
  • checkWhat if you had proven techniques to help your child be more self-assured and compassionate with their friends and family?
  • checkWhat if you had support for you, so that you could be a more calm, collected, and connected parent?


What if I told you that parenting didn’t have to be so hard and you could feel confident about your parenting skills and in charge of each situation that comes your way?FROM

  • Unsure of how to handle your children when they are aggressive, anxious, or afraid
  • Worried, tired, and stressed a lot.
  • Being at a loss as to handle your child’s tears and explosive tantrums.
  • Reacting to your child in anger and frustration.


  • checkHaving a way of setting limits, which instead of building anger and resentment, can actually foster cooperation and closeness.
  • checkFinding the silly in you, so that you can reduce tension in your family and help your children “play” through some of their fears and inhibitions. You’d be surprised at how powerful this is!
  • checkGetting the support to work through the places where you get stuck, worried, stressed, and triggered as a parent so that you can break through the barriers that keep you from feeling how much you love your children.

When you feel more confident as a parent, you can create the kind of relationship with your child that you’ve been longing to have…no matter how old they are. And sometimes when one thing in the family starts to shift, everyone feels more hopeful and happier, and other relationships in your life start to go better as well.

“Since our class has ended, I am continuing to unwrap the realizations and tools I learned with you. In short, I am feeling surprisingly confident in the possibility to change our family dynamic, specifically with my older daughter. I no longer feel like it is impossible to re-do our relationship. I am letting go of lots of my interpretations and assumptions, and I am able to cut to the core more often. And in this core, I trust her and I trust myself—our goodness and our love. And I am more able to separate the person from the behavior, both my and her behavior from who we both are. Instead of attempting to never “fail” and loose my temper, and instead of expecting to stop acting “poorly” my focus has been to accept, really accept and forgive us, each time we “loose” it, and come back to that core (where trust and love is the reality) as soon as we are able. And it has worked. We sometimes still act in our old “bad” ways, but what is changing is the perception of its meaning, and the shadow of pain and doubt that it used to cause, and the time that it takes in getting back to the core. So thank you, this wouldn’t be possible without you and all the support I got from you.” Itzel Rodriguez Rosales

What You’ll get:

  • checkEight Weekly or Bimonthly one to one 45-minute coaching sessions over the phone or via Zoom (like Skype).
  • checkA self-guided, online class from Hand in Hand Parenting.  You can choose from a range of topics including: “Helping Your Child with Aggression”, “Setting Limits and Building Cooperation”, “Taming Sibling Rivalry”, and more.  Or a copy of the book Listen by Patty Wipfler and Tosha Schore.
  • checkAdditional customized PDFs and worksheets that address your specific challenges. This family specific resource kit helps you to apply the skills that you are learning throughout your course.

During our time together, you’ll learn:

  • checkHow to help your child during periods of high emotions in a way that develops trust and safety and actually brings you closer to them.
  • checkA system for setting limits, that fosters cooperation and closeness.
  • checkHow to carve out time each week for “special time”—one on one time with you and your child. Your weekly commitment to this activity is a powerful way to bring added warmth and hope into the family.
  • checkHow to incorporate more laughter and play into your week. It has been shown that this can actually help your child work through their fears, have more confidence, and reduce or eliminate aggressive behavior. The bonus is that your stress levels go down too!
  • checkWhy setting up special time each week for you is vital. When you can take even 30 minutes to nurture yourself in a positive way, you can help improve the long-range health of your whole family. Additionally, you will learn how to develop a childcare support system, broaden your community, and decrease isolation.
  • checkA supportive way to work through your own unique struggles as a parent and the places in your past they may be hanging you up. Because research shows that the more a parent understands and can articulate their past experiences, the closer they can be to their children.

The Parenting by Connection approach provides you with tools that will last a lifetime. You can apply them now, regardless of your child’s age and then continue to use them with confidence as your children grow and develop.

You can be the parent you want to be – and with just eight weeks of individualized attention, you are investing in a peaceful and loving future of parenting!


(There is a also a payment plan available. You can contact me here if you wish to discuss it further.)

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“Julie’s class was my first introduction to Parenting by Connection and it changed my life! The material and exercises changed the way I parent, helping me give myself permission to slow down, be present to hold my son’s emotions, and respond in a calmer and more loving way. I think they have also changed the way I listen to people, generally! 
 Thank you, Julie!” Lydia, Mother of a 6 Year Old.