How to Parent in a Pandemic Without Losing Your Cool

Parenting in a Pandemic Without Losing Your Cool

Brought to you by Julie Johnson

Another day of online schooling and you’d rather crawl under the covers and hope that your child will make it through the day without a meltdown or an anxiety attack because the “computer is glitching out again!”.

But you don’t. You face the day. And then:

  • One minute you think your kiddo is paying attention in class, but the next minute you notice he’s been listening to a Youtube video instead.
  • Your child’s tech troubles and mini meltdowns are making it hard for you to get your own work done!
  • It’s hard to be a patient parent when at the end of the day, you are the “teacher” in charge and you’re at the end of your rope.

For many, parenting in the pandemic has only gotten harder with online schooling.

And it feels like there’s no where to run now, except to your child to save them from their tech troubles.

Enough. It’s time for a break—a break to let go of some of the stress of 2020 and get parenting advice that will help you regain your sanity.

It’s time to recharge.

Join us in a six-week group to help you uncover or continue chipping away at the patterns in you that make it hard to be patient and quick to lose it.

What if you could wake up in the morning feeling confident you had the right tools to handle the first meltdown of the day…and those that followed?

What if you could rediscover (or uncover) that silly side of you that your child loves?

I know finding your goofy side in the middle of a pandemic is not always easy, but I promise it will help your child be more calm and cooperative and could turn the whole day around. And with the support of a group cheering you on, you won’t feel so alone with it all.

To have the relationship you want with your child, it takes time, commitment, a community, and some strategies that will lift you and your child out of the muck and into a place where you can feel the love again.

During these six weeks you will:

  • Get the support you need to make conscious and clear decisions about your children instead of letting knee jerk reactions take over in the heat of the moment.
  • Sharpen your tools so that you know exactly what to do when your child says, “I’m not reading today and you’re not my teacher anyway!”
  • Get both group and private coaching with a Parenting by Connection expert and receive feedback tailored to your specific family challenges.
  • Have the space to release the tension and anxiety that is building up and the support to find pockets of self-care throughout the week.

This is how it works:

  • Each week we’ll be on Zoom together for an hour where you can reduce the stress and emotional buildup that’s causing you to lash out at your family.  There will also be time to ask your burning questions about your biggest parenting challenges.
  • You’ll get the support to work through the anger, frustration, worries, or fears that are getting in the way of being the parent you want to be during this difficult time.
  • You’ll be able to link up with other parents so that parenting doesn’t have to be so lonely and you’ll know that you’re not the only one that loses her cool.

These six weeks of support also include:

  • Two, 30-minute one on one sessions, where we’ll dig deeper into the challenges in your family and devise a plan with specific strategies so that when your child screams, “I wish I was dead.” and slams his bedroom door, you’ll know just what to do.

We live in a world that gives little support to parents, schools, and teachers, and this is not the time to go it alone.

Don’t look back a year from now and wish you hadn’t yelled so much during the pandemic or that you had supported your child better with online learning.

How to Parent in a Pandemic Without Losing Your Cool

starts Tuesday October 13th at 2:00pm PST

and runs for six consecutive Tuesdays.

Plus two, private coaching sessions at your convenience!

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