Parent Child Connection – One Hour Consultation

90-Minute Support and Strategy Session

You work hard to be the best parent you can be. But you’re frustrated and worried about your child’s behavior. You’ve tried consequences, or rewards and punishment, to stop the hitting, biting, pinching, or rude behavior, but it hasn’t helped much, and you’re at a loss as to what to do next.

Does this sound like you?

  • Feeling less confident by the day about how to handle your child’s tears, tantrums, or aggression?
  • You find yourself reacting to your child in anger and frustration a lot?
  • Not sure what to say to soothe their separation anxiety or fears?
  • Frustrated that your little one just won’t cooperate and never seems to listen?
  • Feeling worried, tired, and overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting?dad play with son outdoor at park

I’ll help you learn how to use tools that will shift your relationship with your little one and get your relationship where you want it to be. This package is designed to be a mini coaching program to understand the basics of Parenting by Connection and a few tools you can use start to implement right away.

As a result of this Rock-Solid Support + Strategy Session, you will:

  • Walk away with just the right tools to manage your child’s difficult moments (and yours!) with confidence.
  • Have proven techniques to help your child be more self-assured, more compassionate and empathic, and better able to regulate their own emotions.
  • Understand the benefits of tears, tantrums, and contingent communication as well as the importance of setting limits and how to manage those meltdowns.

This Rock-Solid Support + Strategy Session includes:

A “Let’s Get Started” Questionnaire

You’ll start by filling out a short questionnaire to let me know two challenges that you’re having with your child and what you’d like to work on in our time together.

A 60-Minute Support plus Strategy Session

One sixty-minute support plus strategy phone or Skype session in which we discuss the two-there challenges you are having with your child and strategies that will turn your child’s behavior around. Notes from our conversation and homework for the week will be sent to you within 24 hours of our call.

 A 30-Minute Follow-Up Call

You get a couple of weeks to put your plan in action, and then we chat again. I’ll answer any questions that have come up and we’ll fine-tune the strategies you’ve been trying. You’ll leave with more personalized next steps so that you can have the kind of relationship with your child that you want.

The Starter Kit

This kit consists of information about the Parenting by Connection approach and a worksheet that you can work through as you try out the tools with your child in-between our sessions.

I am continuing to unwrap the realizations and tools I learned with you. In short, I am feeling surprisingly confident in the possibility to change our family dynamic, specifically with my older daughter. I no longer feel like it is impossible to re-do our relationship. I am letting go of lots of my interpretations and assumptions, and I am able to cut to the core more often. And in this core, I trust her and I trust myself—our goodness and our love. And I am more able to separate the person from the behavior, both my and her behavior from who we both are. Instead of attempting to never “fail” and loose my temper, and instead of expecting her to stop acting “poorly” my focus has been to accept, really accept and forgive us, each time we “loose” it, and come back to that core (where trust and love is the reality) as soon as we are able.  And it has worked. So thank you, this wouldn’t be possible without you and all the support I got from you.

 Itzel Rodriguez Rosales, Mother of Two

Investment: $97

Studies show that a strong emotional bond between parents and their children is vital in helping children grow into confident, well-adjusted, more attuned adults who can be leaders in their communities.  Simply put, the Parenting by Connection approach builds children’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning.

Why wait to get the tools you need to transform your family life?