Living with Preteens without Losing Your Mind

Now that they’re a preteen, you need a whole new set of instructions:

  • It’s hard to know how to stay close to them when they’re pushing you away.
  • You’re triggered by everything they say—especially that rude, snarky talk—but somewhere deep down inside you remember that you still love them.
  • You have little patience for their irritability and moodiness, but you know you have to be the loving adult.
  • You’re at a loss as to what to do when they ​slam the bedroom door so hard the wall shakes. You​ try to ​quell their rage, but they’re almost as tall as you now…or taller.

You love your ​preteen, but parenting one can be isolating and sometimes you feel like you need a new road map.

Life with your ​preteeen could be easier and less stressful.

What if:

  • You felt more confident about when to intervene and when to close your mouth ​​as your preteen heads for a D in science class.
  • You ​knew how to set firm, warm limits that bring you closer to your teen, ​instead of widening the chasm.
  • You knew what to say when your preteen says, “I hate my life and it’s all your fault.”

Here is what I know:

You’re a parent. You’ve worked so hard over the years to give your children a good life. And you’ve done the best you possibly can. But you’re tired. I mean, you were tired when your children were little, but after a decade of this gig…you’re spent!

And you’re out of good ideas, because the things you tried in the past don’t work anymore with your older ones. It’s a whole new world out there with kids nine and up.

I also know that everything can change. It’s not too late.

In this class, you’ll discover:

  • A strategy to connect with your teen that provides the attention and space they need so you can hear what’s important to them and give support to their struggles.
  • Why maintaining a sense of playfulness is key and how it can help them be more cooperative with less back talk.
  • A powerful tool to reduce the frustration of parenting and help you keep your anger, frustration, and worries at bay.
  • Why hormones are not the “problem” and how to support their developing brain so their mood swings or big outbursts don’t wear on your every nerve.

In “Living with Teens Without Losing Your Mind”, you’ll discover the key to building a close relationship with your teen, so you can remember what you love about them—even on the hard days!

Six-Week Online Class

Six Tuesdays beginning Tuesday February 27th at 12:00 noon.