Free Workshop: Why Children Push Your Buttons

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Why Your Kids Push Your Buttons and How you Can Get them to Cooperate


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Julie Johnson

I work with stressed out parents who are looking for just the right tools to handle aggression, tantrums, whining, and uncooperative behavior. I teach strategies to turn their children’s challenging behavior around and develop the confidence they need to make parenting more enjoyable and less stressful so that they can spend more time delighted with their kids rather than losing their cool every time they won’t listen.



It’s happening March 28th at

12 pm PST

3 pm EST

8 pm GMT

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​​​​Are Your Kids Pushing Your Buttons?

  • You’re late for school, but your child refuses to get dressed and throws his pants in the nearest garbage can. 
  • It’s 8:00 at night, you’re exhausted and your little one screams, “I’m not brushing my teeth and I’m not going to bed!”

It’s moments like these that have you seeing red. You shout, “time-out” again, or dole out consequences that don’t work. In this free webinar you’ll learn how to turn those difficult moments around and get back to cooperative behavior fast.


What You’ll Discover on This Webinar

  • Why your kids can so easily push your buttons and their intention behind it.
  • The secret to getting your kids to cooperate and listen—the first time.
  • The key to ending power struggles with your child so they become more cooperative and compassionate, and you can have your sanity back.

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