Raising Toddlers 101

Raising Toddlers 101More Cooperation, Less Worry

Toddlerhood can be tough. Your little one was once a sweet, bundle of joy. But now:

  • In the middle of a playgroup she bites the toddler next to her and makes off with the green Chevrolet he was playing with.

  • You’re 15 minutes late for the nanny share because he won’t get in his car seat.

  • Morning meltdowns, throwing toys, and night terrors are part of the daily grind and you’re wondering if any of this is “normal”.

In times like these you need strategies to stop the behavior that’s driving you to your breaking point and help you regain your sanity.

What if you had the exact tools you needed to help your child get out of the house in the morning without a fight or reduce their temper tantrums?


And what if you had a way that was different from the way your parents did it—without yelling, without punishment, and without time-outs?

In Raising Toddlers 101, You’ll Discover:

•  The best strategies to get your toddler to cooperate and listen so when they insist that their toast be cut into triangles, not squares, or they won’t put their pajamas on, you’ll know just what to do.

• A way to help your children learn to share that will help them be more generous and cooperative with her friends and family.

•  How to say no and discipline your little one without anger and shaming, so you feel like a good parent when you turn out the light at night.

 • The secret to smooth transitions so you can get to your destination on time, without a fight.

Techniques to understand and manage the emotional tangle your child is in so the issue doesn’t keep coming back, hour after hour, day after day.

Practical and powerful ways to keep your cool and reduce your frustration when things get heated. Because so much of parenting is learning how to manage your own emotions.

​​In this class you’ll practice strategies that help your child be more cooperative and empathic little people, while you learn what it takes to set limits and create boundaries without coming undone yourself.

You’ll learn how to use play to nurture your toddlers developing brain and help them be more flexible when they insist on wearing the same unicorn shirt day after day.

From best tricks for potty training to eliminating grabbing, throwing, and biting, you’ll walk away with a big bag of tools you can use for years to come.

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It’s been such a pleasure working with  you. Your heart is so kind and the work you do so important. I am forever grateful for you.

Terri Brown

Mother of a 10 and 13-year-old

When we reached out to Julie we were at a crisis point with our daughter’s hitting and aggression. I was no longer enjoying parenting and friends and family were beginning to avoid us. I had completely lost faith in my abilities to parent properly. By sharing our experiences and listening to Julie’s advice, I can honestly say it was the best money I’ve ever invested in our family. I now finally have the relationship with my daughter that I always dreamt of. Thank you Julie, for your wisdom, patience and compassion. I only wish I’d found you sooner.

Catherine FlanneryMother of a 4-year-old

I am so grateful for the impact and improvements this course has made in our lives.

Kiyoko PittsMother of a 3 -year old


Don’t wait until the power struggles get worse and happy times are few and far between.


Learning these strategies now will set you up for a lifetime of closeness and cooperation with your toddler, so you can relax, worry less, and actually enjoy parenting…even on the hard days!

How the course works:

  • This is a six-week course over the phone. During these calls we’ll be tackling some of your toughest parenting challenges and discovering some of the savviest solutions. 
  • Sundays at 4:00pm, there will be a 60-minute call with a mini lecture followed by a Q&A. This is where you get the topic, tools, and assignment for the week. 
  • Wednesdays at 1:00pm there will be another 60-minute call with a Q&A and “listening time”. Since you’ll be trying out new strategies each week, I’m adding an extra call on Wednesdays to get more support and answer the questions that pop up while you’re trying out the Parenting by Connection tools. 
  •  Both calls will be recorded and sent out the same day, in case you can’t make it. 
  • You’ll also receive articles and tools that will support the work we do together in the class. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How old does my child have to be to register for this class?

A: Toddlerhood is generally from 12 to 36 months. But even if your child is 3.5 or 4, you’ll still get a lot out of this class!

Q: What if I have to miss a couple of the sessions?

A: I’d love it if you were there live, but I understand that things come up. If you can’t make it, the recordings will be sent out later that day, so you can listen to the class at your own leisure.

Q: What are the dates and times of each class?

A: Each call is 60 minutes. There are calls twice a week. Sundays will be a mini-lecture with Q&A. Below are the call dates and times in Pacific Standard Time:

Sunday March 10, 2019–4:00pm

Wednesday March 13, 2019–1:00pm

Sunday March 17, 2019–4:00pm 

Wednesday 20, 2019–1:00pm

Sunday 24, 2019–4:00pm

Wednesday 27, 2019–1:00pm

Sunday March 31, 2019–4:00pm

Wednesday April 3, 2019–1:00pm

Sunday April 7, 2019–4:00pm

Wednesday April 10, 2019–1:00pm

Sunday April 14, 2019–4:00pm

Wednesday April 17, 2017–1:00pm

Q: How do I get on the call?

A: I use Zoom. A free call-in number will be sent to you once you register.

Q: How much is the course?

A: $297

Julie Johnson, M.Ed.

If power struggles, defiance, tantrums, or aggression have become the daily routine, I’ll help you develop the exact strategies you need to help your children be more cooperative and kind. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years as a teacher, trainer, and researcher. I teach Parenting by Connection, an emotion-based, trauma informed approach that gives you the tools you need to worry less, have more fun, and actually enjoy parenting…even on the hard days.

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