Parenting in the Pandemic Webinar


From Surviving to Thriving

As the global pandemic rages on, wild fires burn in the Western United States, a devastating hurricane hits the South, and children head back to school, you’re feeling the stress.

  • You’re trying to help your children navigate online learning but your anxiety and their upset is making it hard to work together.
  • Battles over screen time are getting worse and your child’s angry outbursts color the day.
  • And none of this is helping your relationship or work life, which are not weathering the strain well.

Stress is piling up and you’re anxious and overwhelmed. This unprecedented time can trigger some of your worst memories and your biggest fears. Add in one snarky comment from your kid and you’ve come undone.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to start the day with more closeness and connection to ward off your child’s angry outbursts.
  • What to say when your child screams, “I’m not doing my homework and you’re not my teacher anyway!” And how not to add fuel to the fire when your child is upset.
  • How to manage your own stress and anxiety so you are not so quick to lose your cool.

Webinar Date:

Wednesday september 9th

Webinar Time:

1:00 pm PST/

4:00pm EST

Webinar Host:

Julie Johnson


Thank you, Julie, for your amazing group call today. I feel like a weight was lifted from my shoulders in seven minutes. Your sincere openness really came through. I appreciate that so much. I have so much weight at the moment and only these kinds of things make it bearable. I hope we can speak again soon.”

Michelle Gyorke-Takatri

Mother of 3 in San Francisco