Navigating Tears, Tantrums, and Meltdowns 

How to Prevent & Resolve
Your Kid
’s Challenging Behaviors

Free Live Virtual Workshop

June 12th 2024
11am PDT/2pm EDT/7pm BST

If you want to handle meltdowns with ease, set healthy boundaries, gain control of your emotional reactions, and build a stronger connection with your child, this free live workshop gives you the powerful parenting tools you need.

Here’s how your family life will transform:

Secret #1: The Child-Connection Playbook: How to Prevent Tears & Tantrums from Happening in the First Place

Uncover the secrets to fostering a deeper parent-child bond that increases cooperation and emotional regulation. Learn how connection methods help your child feel safe, seen, and understood, reducing tantrums and power struggles before they happen.

Secret #2: The Tears, Tantrums & Meltdowns Toolkit: What to Say & Do When Your Child Has Big Emotions

Discover a powerful toolkit to minimize tantrums, defiance, and back talk by using connection-based strategies and setting clear boundaries. Transform into a calm, confident parent equipped to handle even the biggest meltdowns with ease.

Secret #3: Unlock the Secrets of Your Emotions: Why Parenting Triggers Happen and How to Take Control

Understand why your child’s behavior triggers intense emotions for you and discover what it takes to stay calm and confident when your child has a meltdown. Gain invaluable tools to respond with clarity, compassion, and connection—even on the hardest days.

You’ll walk away with practical strategies you can implement right away and start seeing positive shifts with your child.

Empower yourself with the tools to resolve your child’s challenging behaviors and create more joy, cooperation, and connection with your child. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your child’s challenging behavior— and your reaction to it! 

I can’t wait to show you how to unlock the secrets to resilient, cooperative kids by fostering connection, implementing boundaries that build emotional regulation, and gaining mastery over your own emotions.

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Hi, I’m Julie, and I’m a parent coach with more than 20 years experience working with adults and kids as a teacher, trainer, researcher, and coach. I understand firsthand the highs and lows of raising children. 

My greatest joy comes from helping parents learn the strategies and tools they need to transition from frustration and overwhelm to calm and confidence.

You can create a peaceful household where meltdowns and aggression are a rare occurrence, and connection and joy are the norm. That’s the transformation I can help you achieve.

Through my proven strategies and tools, you’ll discover how to turn your child’s challenging behaviors around and learn methods to reduce your own emotional triggers, such as anger and anxiety, empowering you to become the calm and confident parent you’ve always wanted to be.

I’m excited to share the secrets to having a resilient, cooperative child through deeper connection, clear boundaries, and mastery over your own emotions.

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