Mom and Baby Group

Having a baby is like moving to a place you’ve never been before. It’s hard to know what to expect, it can be lonely at times, and you need a map to get around.

In this six-week group, moms will build community, reduce the isolation of parenting, and learn strategies to help your growing baby (whether it’s your first or second). The group offers support and helpful information on everything from responding to crying, helping a baby to sleep, handling the baby blues, and strategies to connect with your baby to enhance brain development.

Recent advances in brain research have shown that an infant’s environment has a dramatic affect on brain development, or how well his brain wires, resulting in how well he thinks and learns—even into adulthood.

In this group, you’ll learn how to attune to your baby’s mind and emotions; you’ll become familiar with his signals and have the chance to respond in a warm, unhurried, and caring way. It’s this back and forth communication, also known as contingent communication, that shapes the architecture of a child’s brain.

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